The Caro Clinic is a walk-in Primary Care facility. What does that mean? That means you can walk in and see a doctor five days a week. That may sound like urgent care, because we can handle almost all of your day-to-day medical needs urgently, but the major difference is the cost.

Urgent Care means close to Emergency Room Prices. Walk-In Primary Care means standard co-pay and deductible cost. Plus, if you make one of our physicians your assigned PCP, your price can decrease further. It also means that as your PCP, we are the gateway to specialist referrals and a lifetime of personalized medicine.

We keep our costs low so that we can care for people even when they encounter a rough time of little to no insurance coverage. In an age of rising healthcare costs, we encourage everyone to seek out a primary care physician over urgent care. Spend less on minor expenses in case you encounter larger ones down the line.

With an in-house laboratory, we are equipped to handle almost all medical situations. We have an in-house procedure room with an Operating Room light, Pulmonary Function Test, Electrocardiogram, and Audiogram. We can do instant read Hemoglobin A1C, Lipid Panel, Urinalysis, Microalbumin, and Flu and Strep Quick Tests.

Not to forget, all of our physicians are certified by the Department of Transportation to give CDL examinations. Download your paperwork here and call 225-647-6533 to schedule yours today.